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Today I run a thriving business that feels exciting, effortless & aligned without burning myself out

reality check:

Not so long ago I was frustrated, exhausted and desperate to get my business off the ground.

I spent every waking minute determined to fit all the puzzle pieces together , but instead of creating an easy breezy money making machine, I’d ended up with plan that was as clear as mud while sacrificing precious time with my family.

After another change of direction and having to rebuild my site from scratch, my unstoppable hunger for freedom & success was stronger than ever. This time was IT.   

Reinvigorated, I stepped into 2020 determined to solve the perplexing business puzzle at all costs!

I ditched my previous ‘on the fly’ approach and stepped right into the shoes of my customers and decided to go all in on creating a digital product (even though I wasn’t completely sure what I was doing!), and a strategy focused around launching it!

Word on the street from all the ‘success strategists’ was that once I had a low ticket offer, the right people would find me and I’d start seeing those dollar signs – cha-ching! 



But nobody was seeing my offer, let alone buying it!

After months of trying to launch, showing up on Instagram and shouting from the rooftops (It will change your life!! I swear) I’d made 2 sales and had barely about covered my costs, let alone made a profit. 

I needed to step back and rethink

Pep talk time… ‘how can I create content, stories and offers that ‘slot’ together in an exciting and effortless way?’ ‘how do I make my next steps crystal clear?’ 

I finally found a way to synchronise my strategy, instead of trying to scramble to create an offer around disorganised content that was confusing and missing the mark with my dream clients.

I went from a muddled mess - and seriously wondering if I should just throw in the towel

... to clear, clarified and organised with a strategy I could get behind to bring me results!

After struggling for years to find my direction, my voice and my ‘people’, I felt like I had finally found the pieces of the puzzle I was missing. Now I have a clear path to success, a strategy that is simple to follow, that allows me to switch on get shiz done and make money without wasting precious hours I could be spending with my kids. 

And now, I want to teach you how to easily create a simple to follow strategy that works for you so you can start working smarter to create a thriving business, not harder! 

What's your next move?

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Teach what they know, they say, which is why I show female entrepreneurs how they too can have a business without overwhelm. Progress over perfection through imperfect actions. Getting the job done is better than making everything perfect, and wasting time on things that don’t add value to your business. 








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