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If you’ve ever had a goal (and if you’re here I’m assuming you have!) you’ll know that along the way you encounter things which challenge, test and even derail your goal seeking self. Obstacles to our dreams and achievements are a natural part of the process but I want to take you from confused and frustrated to prepared and focused. If you know how to prepare for it, you are more likely to reach that oh so sweet dream! Figuring out what to expect and what to do is the key to overcome obstacles in your life.

I have had my fair share of failure.

I dropped out of college after a close friend died suddenly. I got into alotof debt in my early 20’s. I quit my job… then found out I was pregnant the same day. I even had a go at being a Body Shop Girl!

Each time, I had obstacles on my path which led to the outcomes I created. I didn’t know how to get around my obstacles at the time, so I buried my head and hoped they’d go away. Or I gave up entirely.

Every experience in life, even failing at something, can be viewed at as a positive . We learn so much from our experiences that I don’t have any regrets. My path led me to where I am today and I learned how to better overcome obstacles in the future.

If I were to encounter those same obstacles now heck yes I would jump right over them! And you absolutely can too!


An obstacle is something which blocks your way and hinders your progress. Anything can be an obstacle because it is a cause of perception.

Lack of money could be an obstacle to one person but not to another, for example.

Our perception dictates how we approach and cope with obstacles and consequently, what defines our success.

Remember what I said before? Thoughts equal feelings which equal actions.

Everything you feel comes from a thought; and everything you do is influenced and driven by your feelings.

So, if you want to run a marathon but are starting from the couch, your obstacles might be lack of experience, no equipment or creating a running habit (btw, you can check out my guest post on habits at Put The Kettle On!)

There will always be obstacles in life that are outside of your control. The weather, other people’s actions, the economy or any physical limitations (hello shortness!) .

What about things you can control? These fall into two categories based on whether they are consciously in your control (cash flow, debt, time management) or habitual obstacles such are our mindset or behaviours.

These obstacles can be tackled and dealt with in a logical way. Identify the obstacle and ask yourself how it effects or blocks your path. It can feel overwhelming at time, but its vital to try and plan for obstacles we know we will face – if you have a habit of procrastinating for example – and find solutions to them


4 Top Tips To Overcome Obstacles
And Achieve Your Dreams

change your perspective

When you encounter an obstacle to your goals, the first thing to do is take a step back. Our obstacles are understandably subjective – our feelings and previous experiences influence our reaction to them.

When I talk to clients about their goals and the obstacles they face, often they will through up I can’t do it because….

I ask them What is the reality?

What I mean by that is that it can be very easy to let our own thoughts control the narrative and therefore our feelings towards a situation.

By stepping back and analysing what the reality of the situation actually is can actually relieve alot of stress and pressure.

As an example, my 19 year old self, having dropped out of college, felt like my life was over. I wasn’t going to go to University, pursue the career I’d spent the last 5 years working towards and couldn’t see any other road.

The reality of the situation was, in fact, that I had my whole life ahead of me – I was only 19! – as well as lots of different options and avenues I could explore.

My life didn’t end. I simply found a different direction and a way to overcome the roadblock in my life.

You may remember late last year I interviewed my fantastic dear friend Cherrelle, where we discussed all this body image, mindset and juggling children while working from home.

Cherrelle openly said at the time that her business had developed, evolved and changed numerous times along her journey.

Since that interview, she’s heading down her own path of self discovery and is now helping women with their mindset!

I highly recommend reading her post on Perspective and checking out her Mini Course, Flex Your Mindset! Visit her Website here!



It can be difficult at times to admit that we need help, but in reality asking for support is never a bad thing.

How many times has a friend come to you for advice and you’ve turned them away?

If you have a strong support system around you, they will want to see you succeed and actively help you reach your goals.

As well as this, having someone look at your challenges objectively often opens up whole new perspective you may have previously missed.

As Marie Forleo says repeatedly, Everything Is Figureoutable.


Visualisation is a fantastic tool that I use with clients when first setting out their goals.

The best way to use visualisation to your advantage, especially when trying to overcome an obstacle, is to not just focus on the end result but the journey to get there.

In this way, you’re mentally preparing for challenges you might face along the way and predicting how you will overcome. This foresight allows a level of advanced preparation for the obstacles you might face along the way.

As well as this, when we deeply and frequently visualise what we want to achieve, it creates a mindset of determination, positivity and motivation meaning you are less likely to give up on your dreams.

problem solve

Find a way around the problem. I was reminded recently while watching Alice Through The Looking Glass of a fantastic quote.

’Sometimes I believe in as many as 6 impossible things before breakfast’

If you haven’t seen the film spoiler alert Alice overcomes a huge obstacle. In a world where the idea of a female sea captain is laughable, she has to make a decision between giving up the world she loves or risking her mother being homeless.

In face of adversity she overcomes her obstacles and sets up her own shipping company.

The point is, that sometimes we overlook certain options. By closely considering different directions we can go the solution usually presents itself to us.

So when you do come across an obstacle, be prepared, change your perspective, seek help if you need it and figure out the puzzle of your challenge. Always remember that Everything Is Figureoutable. Life is fluid. There will be challenging times, but they always give way to prosperity and joy.

Don’t let a small bump in the road derail your whole goal!
You Got This!
I’m taking questions in the comments so let me know what obstacles you’re facing right now and we can find a way around them, together!

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